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Белладжо Комо

The Best of  Como:

The best of Como Lake
Lake Como, Italy

I will meet you at the train station in Milan and we will go to conquer the most famous, most visited, most must-see places on Lake Como along the circular route: Milan - Varenna - Bellagio -  Como - Milan.

Leaving the station in the town of Varenna, you will immediately plunge into the fragrant aromas of hundreds of flowering plants and feel the fresh and humid air of the lake. We will go for an 1hour walk through the romantic fishing village of Varenna. You will see characteristic medieval stairs-streets, atmospheric old embankments, arches, and darsens, where local fishermen spent most of their time. We will go up to the central square and look into the church-chapel of the 11th century from antiquity frescoes. You will have a little free time for ice cream, hot wine or coffee with croissants and lake view. 

At noon, a ferry is waiting for us to effectively cross by water to the other side in Bellagio. Directly from the ferry board, you will admire the very heart of the lake - where all three arms connect. Believe me, it's unforgettable!

Ahead of us is a casino that wanted to rob 11 of Ocean's friends. Whoops, a little correction: Bellagio is the city in the middle of Lake Como, after which the casino in Las Vegas was named. Narrow stairways, 360-degree panoramic views, boutiques and souvenirs, local crafts and the history of the Italian Dolce Vita from the 1st century AD. You will walk along the central street and visit the church of St. Jacob - the national monument of Italy. Here you can have a bite to eat and, if there is time, look into the shops. After lunch, we will go on a speed or pleasure boat along the most luxurious part of the lake - the Como arm - to the most important city of this province.  On the way, just have time to look at the villas of celebrities.

Here in the city of Como, our plans are to walk through the ancient, perfectly preserved center. You will discover a rich Roman castrum (city fort) with 2000 years of history, the central part, where every third house has retained its medieval appearance, the city's cathedral - the second most important in northern Italy after Milan, market square with the charming church of St. Fidele, Tower Gate -  historical symbol of the city

After walking  I will finish my part of the tour, but you can continue your acquaintance with the beautiful and interesting city on your own: take the funicular up Mount Brunate with fantastic panoramas, take a walk along long promenade with chic villas, visit the many pleasant shops or stay for an aperitif or dinner. If you wish, you can return with me to Milan.  


280 euro
 for a group of 1 to 2 people
320 euro
 for a group of 3 to 8 people


7-8 hours since
meeting in  Milan

all year round

on foot, by traine,
on a boat

Difficulty of the ROUTE:
about 6 km
with little difference


Meeting point:

ailway station of
Milan, Como, Varenna
or by agreement

transport tickets,
including for the guide

 personal expenses
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