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Magic trip to
Lake Iseo


180 euros 4-5 h per group from
1 to 3 persons

240 euros 4-5 h per group
from 4 to 7 people


4 -5 hours from meeting point
in Rovato

(+1h train/auto from Milan, Verona)

all year round

by foot,
by car and boat

Difficulty of the ROUTE:
Distance -about 5 km,
altitude difference
- aout50 m.



Rovato railway station
or by arrangement


car transfer,
boat ticket
including for the guide,
optional bike rental and picnic,
personal expenses
Magic trip to Lake Iseo 
Iseo, Lombardia, Italia


Iseo  is the smallest of the great pre-alpine lakes in Italy. It stretched for 25 km between the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia.  Despite its small size - its area is only 65 square kilometers (unlike other northern lakes),   in its waters is the largest and highest inhabited island in Europe .  The panorama of the area surrounding the lake is so picturesque here that you want to come back here again and again: mountains, medieval towns, beaches, orchards, vineyards, chestnut forests.

There are three islands on the lake. The largest one mentioned above is called Monte Isola. Its highest point is 600 meters above sea level. This is where the name of the island comes from, which literally translates as Mountain Island. About 2,000 people live on Monte Isola. Cars are prohibited here. The inhabitants of the island park their cars on the mainland, and the island is reached by ferries and boats. On the island they move on foot, on scooters or on city minibuses. The main occupation of the locals is fishing, oil making and net weaving, which are even exported. All this you can buy in shops with branded products on the waterfront. Here is a special world - calm, measured and almost unreal, and you will immediately feel it. The remaining islands on the lake are Loreto and San Paolo small in size, they are built up with beautiful villas and are completely privately owned. The islands can be reached by pleasure boats all year round.


The main tourist centers of the lake are the city of the same name Iseo, Sulzano, Lovere, Sarmico, Pisogne. Winemaking, fishing and, of course, tourism in all its manifestations are widespread here - cultural, sports, health, enogastronomic. Hang gliding is very popular on Monteizola. From May to October, numerous fans of this sport flock to the steep eastern slopes of the island.


We will meet you at Rovato train station (an hour from Milan or Verona) and drive to Iseo, passing by the countless vineyards of the famous Franciacorta wine region.  In the past, the city of Iseo was the main trading point of the lake, but today it is a popular tourist center with many hotels, shops and restaurants. In the historic center is the charming Piazza Garibaldi, surrounded by shops and cafés. Here we will walk along the narrow streets, walk along the most beautiful embankment. Let's take a look at the medieval church and castle of Castello Oldofredi, where the Capuchins lived in the 16-18 centuries, and today the Military Museum is located. And then on a boat we will cross to the island of Monte Isola.


Here we will walk or cycle along a picturesque path to Martinego Hill, where another medieval castle of the already familiar Oldofredi family rises. On the island, we can organize a picnic or stop for lunch at numerous restaurants and cafes in the village of Peschiera on the lake with gorgeous views. River fish is excellently prepared here, and we simply must enjoy the local delicacies. Returning by boat to Iseo, we will go to the railway station or, at your request, to the winery and tasting the famous Franciacorta sparkling wines, a competitor of the great Champagne.

It is recommended to combine the master class with an excursion to Franciacorta and a tasting of sparkling wines When ordering two excursions on the same day - 10% discount

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