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Classic Tour - Milan in 3 or
6 hours


160 euros/3-3,5 hours and 200/6 hours for a group of 1 to 3 people

180 euros/3-3,5 hours and 240/6 hours for a group of 4 to 8 people


Choice of 3 or 6 hours from the meeting in Milan 

all year round

on foot, by tram (in case of a 6-hour excursion

Difficulty of the ROUTE:
about 3 km / 3 hours,
about 6 km / 6 hours,
without elevation changes



Sforzesco Castle or by arrangement


tram ticket (in case
5 hour tour)
personal expenses
Milan Classic in 3 or 6 hours.
Milano, Lombardia, Italia


A classic route with unusual details is suitable for first-time visitors to Milan. On our three-hour walk, I will try to discover Milan for you from a side that you never knew existed. In addition to the world capital of fashion and a modern business center, this city is fraught with countless treasures of history, culture and art.


With my help, you will see not only the main tourist symbols of the capital of Northern Italy - the world-famous Duomo Cathedral, Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, La Scala Theatre, Mercanti Square, Sforzesco Castle, at the same time we will also look into small alleys and hidden Milanese courtyards. Here, unusual details and sights are carefully hidden from the eyes of a standard tourist.


Together we will learn to unravel the mysterious symbols in arms of the Dukes of Milan, bas-reliefs and facades of medieval buildings and symbols of modern buildings. You will hear the stories of their construction, interesting facts and legends.


I will talk about the construction and decoration of the Milan Cathedral and you will surely be amazed by the amount of work, energy, enthusiasm and funds that have been invested in the creation of this world masterpiece. And you will also get to know the main heraldic symbols of the city - the coat of arms, the dragon and the boar. Their stories and meaning are an integral part of the vast modern metropolis.

We will also remember the brilliant creators: artists, sculptors, architects, designers, writers, composers who worked and drew inspiration in this city.


You will hear the 2500 year history of Milan, but not made up of dry numbers, but folded into a colorful puzzle or an adventure film that will undoubtedly surprise you.  And you will also learn how the history of Milan and some of its monuments are connected with Russia.

In the case of an extended sightseeing tour, you will additionally see

1) option:  the famous Brera Artistic Quarter, fashion quadrangle with famous boutiques of world brands, a new business district with skyscrapers and Gae Aulenti square, _cc781905-5bde-3194 -136bad5cf58d_environmental Vertical Forest (+ historic tram ride) or

2) option: the Sistine Chapel of Milan in the church of San Maurizio, the Christian treasury - the Church of St. Ambrose and the only well-preserved trace of the Roman era in Milan -  Columns of San Lorenzo (+ trip on the historic tram).


During the walk, we will have time  to pause for coffee, a light lunch or ice cream.


Sightseeing walking tour without sightseeing inside (with the exception of some churches).

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