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Mottarone relax -  from Milan to the real Alpes for 5 hours

EUR 200/5 hours
for a group of 1 to 2 people

EUR 240/5 hours
for a group of 3 to 5 people

5 hours from the moment of meeting at the railway station of Stresa or Arona
(+an hour by train from Milan)

 all year round

 by foot, by car

Difficulty of the ROUTE:
 about 3 km,
difference height 
- 100 m.

Difficult accessibility for children with stroller,
not recommended
under 6 years of age.

Stresa, Arona railway station,
or by arrangement


auto transport,
ticket for bobsleigh
and picnic ,

personal expenses
Mottarone relax - from Milan to the real Alps in 1,5 hours.
Mottarone, Piemonte, Italia


This time we will conquer a real alpine peak - Mount Mottarone. Вас ждет прогулка  в экологическом оазисе с 360 градусной панорамой, захватывющий бобслейный аттракцион и обед настоящего альпийца.

Mottarone is a small mountain formation in Piedmont between lakes Maggiore and Orta. Despite its pygmy height of 1492 m compared to other titans of the Alps, in winter it is a full-fledged ski resort. And Mottarone is a regional natural park with extensive meadows, mountain streams, ancient forests, as many as seven pre-alpine lakes, on the Padan Plain and on a large sector of the Alpine mountain range. This is a mountain of "7 Lakes"  and the most beautiful balcony of the Alpes.


В теплый период года её склоны  полностью застилает травяной покров, поэтому в прошлые века и до сих пор это место славится отличными пастбищными угодьями и производством сливочного butter and cheese. On the green spaces it is convenient to sit down for a light picnic and soak up the sun surrounded by mountain peaks. And in winter, a cheerful youth ski resort opens here - the closest from Milan.


From the resort town of Stresa on Lake Maggiore, we will go with you by car to the top of Mottarone, admire the 360 degree panorama, take a million photos, walk along the slope and maybe you decide to ride with the breeze on the unique  bobsleigh track at an altitude of 1800 m above sea level with panoramic views of Lake Maggiore. 


And then in local restaurants we will taste typical dishes of the mountains - polenta, game, cheeses and porcini mushrooms. Or maybe you decide to have a picnic on the grass under a sprawling oak tree with a view of the mountains and lakes. 

The tour itinerary may vary depending on the time of year and weather conditions.

Comfortable shoes, layered clothing, sun and insect protection are recommended.

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