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Journey to the lair of cave bears.
Grotte di Bossea, Cuneo


The Grottoes of Bossea are an amazing, impressive, natural karst formation in northern Italy, in the province of Cuneo, bewitching with its pristine beauty. Explored  at the beginning of the 19th century, the Bossea caves were the first underground caves in Italy 


Italian picnic at the foot of the waterfall.
Cascate del Toce, Val Formazza


An unforgettable trip to the Italian Alps to one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Europe, Cascate del Toce. The flow of water from mountain glaciers falls from a height of 143 m, captivating with its strength and natural beauty. Let's start our journey 

A trip to an alpine paradise.
Devero, Val Formazza


The Devereux Alps is the rarest gem of incredible beauty   in the family of the Alpine mountains and valleys. Crystal clear air, breathtaking panoramas, mountain flora and fauna, characteristic villages and endless opportunities for direct contact with beautiful nature.


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