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Northern Italy

Day trips in Piedmont:
Italian picnic at the foot of the waterfall

Cascate del Toce, Val Formazza

A trip to an alpine paradise
Devero, Val Formazza
Journey to the lair of cave bears.
Grotte di Bossea, Cuneo


The second largest of the Italian regions, Piedmont has a huge, untapped tourism potential. Its name speaks for itself "at the foot of the mountains"  (ai piedi dei monti). The main territory of Piedmont - more than 43% - is covered with mountain ranges - the Western Alps and the Ligurian Apennines. Here are some of the highest mountain peaks of the Alps - Monte Rosa 4634 m (Monte Rosa) and Gran Paradiso 4061 m (Gran Paradiso). And here are the most famous ski resorts  in Macugnaga and Pragelato.

That is why Piedmont is well known for winter sports and recreation. During the winter season, ski resorts are flooded with tourists and sportsmen. And at the same time, many other amazing opportunities of this region are completely undeservedly deprived of attention: enogastronomic tourism, cultural, religious, ecological, fitness and spa tourism, medical, phototourism, mountain, water and even underground tourism; - it is impossible to list all the activities available in Piedmont.

Starting with the natural masterpieces of Piedmont (lakes, rivers, mountains, caves) and NOT ending with the list  UNESCO:

Palaces of the House of Savoy  (Residence Sabaude),

Ensembles of Sacro Monte Piedmont and Lombardy (Sacri Monti del Piemonte e della Lombardia),

The wine regions of Lange-Roero and Monferrato (Langhe-Roero e Monferrato), we will try to show you Piedmont as a whole: its culture, architecture, history, nature, people. So are the little nuances of these places, their charm, aromas, tastes, atmosphere - usually hidden outside the standard tourist routes.


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