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  the Beauty
  of Northern Italy        with me!

Would you like to visit the island of dragons and hear the mysterious legends about it?
Or pull the tail of the luxurious white peacocks in the Garden of Eden? Or maybe fly a seaplane over a chic lake and celebrity villas? How do you like the idea of climbing the longest suspension bridge in the Alps and taking a selfie in the middle of it? And don't forget a glass of good Barolo for a picnic among the vineyards! 

Welcome to Italy and discover it with me and Discovery Piedmont - unusual excursions from a local licensed guide. 

My name is Tiana, I live and work in Piedmont - in the north of the beautiful country of Italy. My favorite thing, which I combine with the work of an interpreter and tourist guide, is to find and open for you the unusual tourist attractions, routes and...
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Here you can choose ready-made one-day excursions to book or you can request the organization of your holiday from scratch.

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What awaits you here: the latest travel news, a lot of useful information for your trips to Italy and beyond, delicious recipes for authentic Italian cuisine from our local partners.

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