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Let me introduce you myself and my project - DiscoveryPiedmont - unique experiences from a local guide!
My name is Tiana, I live and work in Piedmont. My favorite thing, which I combine with the work of an interpreter and an accompanying tourist guide, -  search and find  original, unusual sights, routes and activities in northern Italy, southern France and Switzerland and share them with you. With my help, you will discover the most reserved and unknown corners of Europe, full of beauty, nature, culture, history, tastes and aromas. It can be walks, tours, excursions; travel on foot, on bicycles, cars, yachts and even helicopters and balloons; tastings, culinary master classes, visits to museums, exhibitions, entertainment and theme parks, festivals and sagras; shopping in outlets, holidays on the sea, in the mountains, on lakes...

On the site you will find ready-made solutions for one-day activities.

For tailor-made tours or special requests, please contact me by email or phone. I will be glad to answer you!

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Nature - nature trips, picnics, walks, excursions to botanical gardens and parks, outdoor activities.

Food & wine - wine and gastronomic tourism, tastings, master classes, food festivals and sagras.

A little bit about me...

Russian by origin and culture, I became Italian through a slow process that, by the will of fate and, of course, by my will, began about 20 years ago and led  to my transformation into a happy wife,   mother, and citizen of a beautiful country  Bel Paese  - of Italy.

After graduating master degree at the Peoples Friendship University of Russia, I had the opportunity to try myself in various areas of marketing: analysis, communications, sales in the fields of trade, restaurant business, and tourism. I was lucky to work side by side with the most interesting people, professionals, and enthusiasts of their craft in Italian restaurants and luxury leisure for a long time.

My passion for finding beauty and new tourist attractions OUTSIDE famous and the beaten track, love for good food  which, by the way, was born in Piedmont, photography, numerous friends with whom I have already visited many protected Piedmontese places - all this pushed me to the idea and implementation in “Discovery Piedmont”. Thanks to this project, I want to share with you, as a little secret, the little-known tourist treasures of northern Italy.

Cities & Museums -

city tours, visits of castel and museums, 

cultural sites and events.

mountain biking

Sport & Leisure - sport, outdoor activity, travel, spa, wellness and treatment.

Get into contact with me,

I will be glad to answer you!

+39 3392170249

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