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Como  and another one Como


200 euro
 for a group of 1 to 2 people
240 euro
 for a group of 3 to 5 people


5 hours since
meeting point in  Milan

all year round

on foot, by traine,
on a boat

Difficulty of the ROUTE:
about 6 km
with little difference


Meeting point:

ailway station of
Milan, Como, or by agreement

transport tickets,
including for the guide

 personal expenses
Como and Como again
Como Lake, Italy

Como, Cernobbio, Torno are the pearls of Lake Como from Milan.

On our magical journey you will see the most visited lake in Italy from an unusual perspective. The undeservedly forgotten towns of the left sleeve will amaze you with their spontaneity, tranquility and masterpieces of fine art and architecture. You will find the beauty and luxury of villas, gardens and churches, created by human hands against the backdrop of rich history and famous natural attractions. 

We will meet in Milan at the famous train station, which is already one of the attractions of Milan, and go to the city of Como, which has 2 thousand years of rich history. On a leisurely walk through the center and the embankment, you will get acquainted with the main cultural monuments of the city, important milestones in history and famous natives of these places. I will show you the most secluded and unusual for standard routes   corners and details of this wonderful city, I will reveal the secrets of local residents and share legends about the saints revered here. Or maybe we’ll get to one of the spectacular medieval festivals that the townspeople of Como love to organize.

Of course, a pleasure boat cruising around the lake like a real bus will help us enjoy the beauty of the lake as much as possible. From its board we will see many beautiful villas and buildings built here in different eras.  You will learn about romantic stories, love dramas, political intrigues - all about the turbulent aristocratic life that took place on the shores of a beautiful lake within the walls of the luxurious palaces of Como, Tavernola, Cernobbio. To feel like time travelers and be transported back to the era of the famous Grand Tour, we will look into the garden and admire the unique Liberty style palazzo in Cernobbio or stay a little in the legendary 16th century palace, which hosted Stendhal, Flaubert, Liszt, Manzoni, members of royal families and aristocrats from all over the world, and where several famous films were filmed. Or if you wish, we will stop in the small but characteristic village of Torno. Over a cup of coffee in a nice café-bar on the shore, you will see how ordinary locals live in these not easily accessible but incredibly beautiful regions.

Returning to Como, you can stay for a walk around the city or return with me to Milan.

I will purchase all the tickets in advance and give them to you when you meet, you won’t need to stand in lines or study the machines.

The price does not include personal expenses (in Cernobbio or Torno we will have time for lunch or a picnic, I will recommend restaurants or cafes and tell you about the local cuisine).

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