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Borromean Islands - Escape to Paradise

Borromean Islands - Escape to Paradise
Isole Borromeo

The Borromean Islands, in my opinion,   one of the most picturesque places in northern Italy and, I dare to suggest, the whole of  Europe.  These are real diamonds in the precious placer of the beauties of the province of Verbano. Nature itself has already adorned them, plunging them into the blue waters of Lake Maggiore, covering them with picturesque rocks and lush vegetation. And the noble Milanese family of counts Borromeo, who bought out local lands, including islands in the 15th century, continued to work on cutting diamond islands and subsequently built famous palaces, castles and gardens here. Their direct descendants, by the way, live on the islands to this day.


I will meet you at the station of the tourist town of Stresa, we will walk along the panoramic promenade, admiring the aristocratic hotels in the style of Liberty and the Belle Epoque and gorgeous views of the lake. We will visit the historical center of the city and enjoy delicious handmade ice cream.

We will sail on a boat to the famous Borromean islands. With me, you will walk along one of the islands, and visit the rest on your own, having received detailed instructions from me and listening a story about them.

Guests have access to three islands of the archipelago: Madre (Isola Madre), Pescatore (Isola Pescatore), Bella (Isola Bella). Here you will find a real  “earthly paradise”, as Gustave Flaubert described it during his trip to Italy.


Due to the mild climate in the Borromean Gardens rare species of plants grow from different parts of the earth, and white peacocks and birds of paradise of unearthly beauty march majestically between them. You will visit one of the oldest botanical complexes in Italy, take a look at  a magnificent baroque palace, take a walk through exotic  parks and terraced gardens_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb58d5 in Italian and English styles.  You will see a unique collection of marionette theaters of the 16th-18th centuries. You will try local fish specialties in one of the colorful restaurants on the island of fishermen.


The Palace on Bella Island is one of the famous masterpieces of Italian baroque art, as if flying over the water surface. You will traverse elegantly furnished rooms with wonderful views of the lake, surrounded by paintings by famous artists, expensive furniture, precious marble work, neoclassical stucco, antique sculptures, armor and Flemish gold and silk tapestries. Unusual man-made grottoes under the palace, decorated with mosaics of thousands of shells and original stucco, are waiting for you. You will take fantastic photos in the garden, which is considered the finest example of Italian baroque garden art, with tiered, elaborately decorated terraces, niches, fountains and garden sculptures. Возвышающаяся над всем островом статуя грозного  единорога - геральдический  символ  семьи Борромео_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_- the culmination of the fantasy of the aristocrats and garden designers of the 18th century, - and the end of an experience-filled walk.


200 euros / 4 hours
for 1-2 persons

EUR 240/4 hours
for a group of 3 to 5 people


4 hours with a guide
(+3 hours on your own)
since the meeting
in Stresa (+1 hour by train from Milan)

all year round
(from November to February palaces and gardens are closed, only a 3-hour tour is available)

on foot, by boat

Difficulty of the ROUTE:
about 4 km / 6 hours,
with a height difference when walking - 20 meters



Stresa railway station
 or by agreement


boat ticket, ticket to palaces and gardens,
personal expenses
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