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Risotto  with gorgonzola and chef's homemade pasta 
Pella, Lago di Orta, Piemonte, Italia

Learn how to cook pasta and risotto in an authentic Piedmontese osteria cuisine on the romantic Lake Orta? - easily! A master class with a chef in Italy is a great opportunity to touch live Italian cuisine and the secrets of professional preparation of famous dishes. Smiling and friendly chef Sabina with many years of experience, including in star restaurants, the head of a private school of culinary arts in Piedmont, will intelligibly tell about all the nuances of northern Italian cuisine and show with pleasure that cooking agnolotti, gnocchi and risotto is a task, accessible to everyone.


The cuisine of the northwestern regions of Italy differs significantly from the cuisine of the southern or central regions. For example, olive oil is used much less here, and pasta is far from the main first course. She is replaced by delicious polenta and risotto. Famous neighbors also had a huge influence on the culinary habits of northwestern Italy. Wines, numerous types of cheeses, sausages, game products, polenta, gnocchi and potato dishes, gourmet desserts - France, Switzerland and Austria took a direct part in the emergence of all this gastronomic diversity.


During the master class with Sabina, you will be able to prepare two types of first courses and a classic Italian dessert. The first dishes in Italy are pasta dishes, gnocchi, risotto, with various sauces and fillings.


A sample menu for a lesson might look like this:

  1. Ravioli with ricotta and spinach / ravioli with pumpkin / agnolotti with meat filling / tagliatelle with ragout or mushrooms.

  2. Gorgonzola risotto / wine risotto / gnocchi with 4 cheese sauce / gorgonzola gnocchi.

  3. Tiramisu / panna cotta / crostata with fruits or berries

Under Sabina's fun and unobtrusive guidance, you will learn how to knead and roll dough for fresh pasta and cook gnocchi at home, determine the readiness of risotto and al dente pasta, quickly assemble tiramisu, correctly select and combine ingredients for dishes and many other culinary secrets of Bel Paese.  I'll tell you about the history of the dishes you've prepared, about the specialties of the regional cuisine and the traditions of northern Italians related to food.


And of course, in the process you will have a mandatory tasting of all the dishes that you cook. The tasting will be accompanied by a wonderful Piedmontese wine, which Sabina and I will select specially for your chosen menu. You will receive wine as a gift! 

It is recommended to combine the workshop with a tour of Orte San Giulio (Journey to the Island of Dragons). When ordering two excursions on the same day - 10% discount

Cooking class with a real chef


160 euro
for group 1 to 2 person

200 euros
for a group of 3 to 5 people


4 hours from the meeting
in Arona/Stresa
(+1 hour by train from Milan)

all year round

on foot, by car

Difficulty of the ROUTE:



Arona/Stresa train station or
by agreement



transfer by car,
payment for chief,

personal expenses
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