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Hiking on top of Mottarone between seven lakes

Hiking on top of Mottarone mountain between seven lakes
Mottarone, Novara, Piemonte

Strating from Stresa or Arona town we drive up to panoramic top of Mottarona mountains. There we start our sports walk, discovering the most pristine natural corners of this region, enjoying the clean mountain air, breathtaking mountain lakes singing chain and valley of Padana.


Mottarone is a real alpine peak located in Piedmont between lakes Maggiore and Orta. Despite its height of 1492 m, it is a full-fledged ski resort in the winter season. And Mottarone is regional natural park with extensive meadows, mountain streams, ancient forests,  as many as seven pre-alpine lakes.

Mottarone, known as the “mountain of the seven lakes”, or as “the most beautiful natural balcony”, overlooking the territory of the province of Verbania, is distinguishable from afar by its shape, similar to  Italian panettone cake. And it can be called the last peculiar mountain stronghold before the vast low-lying plain.


During the warm season, its slopes are completely covered with grass, so in past centuries this place was famous for its excellent grazing land and the production of butter and cheese. And the coastal area around the lakes, due to the mild climate, is known as one of the first places of urbanization of mankind several centuries before the birth of Christ, which was accompanied by the migration of different groups of settlers, both from the plains and from the mountainous regions. This territory was conquered for the Roman Empire, internecine wars were fought here in the Middle Ages, various family clans dominated here. As a result, this area abounds in natural, cultural and historical attractions.

From the 19th century to this day,  Mottarone is a popular  tourist destination, especially among northern Europeans, the interest in which is increasing every year._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Hiking routes can be designed for a whole day or several hours and depend on the sports training of the participants, weather conditions and time of year. 

Athletic training, comfortable shoes, layered clothing, sun and insect protection are recommended.


On the way there are stops for lunch or coffee  in small restaurants or organizing a picnic. If you wish, you can ride on the panoramic bobsleigh track. 


140 euro/3 hours and 180/nbsp;hours for a group of 1 to 3 people

160 euro/3 hours and 200/6 hours for a group of 4 to 8 people


Choice of 3 or 6 hours starting from Stresa, Arona
(+ 1h train from Milan)


auto, by foot

Difficulty of the ROUTE:
about 5 km/3 hours and
about 8 km/6 hours,

Difficult accessibility for children, and wheelchairs, not recommended for children
up to 6 years old.


Stresa/Arona railway station
or by agreement



guide fee, ticket for bobsleigh track and picnic, personal expenses
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