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Unusual hunt - Alba's white truffle

Truffle hunting in Alba
Alba, Cuneo, Piemonte, Italia

Who's on the hunt? But for a very unusual hunt -  for the most expensive delicacy in the world, for the cardinal of Italian and French cuisine, for a rare ingredient even in Michelin restaurants - for the white Piedmontese truffle from Alba!  Truffle hunting is, of course, not a traditional hunting with a gun or a trip for mushrooms with a basket, it is first of all an experienced and interesting mentor Trifolao with a serious store of knowledge on the topic and with an official license to collect mushrooms.


Well, the second most important component is a specially trained dog, which will be the main protagonist of the whole action. It is dogs that have been trained for many years that can smell and find truffles that grow underground at a distance of 10 to 50 cm from the surface. And all because dogs really like this strange, but fragrant mushroom, and if you do not have time to run up and move the dog, then he will quickly and happily swallow his find. Therefore, even on such a “quiet hunt” you can get a dose of adrenaline, feel real excitement, the joy of victory and the bitterness of defeat.


In Piedmont, not only the most famous and expensive white truffles grow, but also several other types of edible mushrooms of this genus, no less tasty and fragrant than white ones. For example, black truffle, scorzone and others. The periods of their ripening and collection vary throughout the year, so you can hunt for truffles in almost all seasons.


I will meet you at the station in Turin or Alessandria and by car we will move to the Langhe zone (60 minutes drive). And here we will return after the completion of all our plans.

Your three-hour adventure will begin with a cup of aromatic cappuccino and meeting the famous professional Trifolao and his four-legged friend.  We will walk around the ancient castle with a stunning panorama of the vineyards, where you can visually get acquainted with the botany and the curious features of the mushroom delicacy through special stands. Then we will go deep into the thicket of the forest, to places that only trifolao knows about, and here you will take an active part in a real truffle hunt with dogs. The freshest truffles collected during the hunt can be purchased at special prices directly from the trifolao.


Upon request, after the hunt, a pleasant continuation awaits you - a delicious meal of dishes with truffles in one of the colorful restaurants located in the Langhe and Monferrato zone -  of the wine region, inscribed in 2014 on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Hunting can also be combined with a visit to the White Truffles Festival in Alba, wine tasting and a museum in Barolo, Serralunga Castle, with a master class of Piedmontese cuisine, with an excursion in Turin.


Seasonal clothing is recommended, taking into account a long walk in the fresh air, rubber boots   (there is an opportunity to borrow from trifolao - on request).

200 euros
 for group 1 to 7 person
5-6 hours from meeting in Turin/Alessandria (+1 hour by train from Milan)
all year round
on foot, by car
Difficulty of the ROUTE:
approx. 6 km, elevation difference when walking approx.meters 
railway station of Turin, Alessandria, Alba or by by agreement
transfer by car, rewards to the hunter,
personal expenses
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