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Serralunga: history of wars and wine

Serralunga: centuries of wars and wine.

Serralunga  d"Alba e Fontana Fredda, Langhe, Piemonte

Our journey will start from the capital of Piedmont - Turin, and we will return here after the tour ends.  the way to enjoy the stunning landscapes of the steep hills of the Lange, completely covered with vineyards.


Here is the famous wine-growing area Langhe - Roero and Monferrato, which is in UNESCO World Heritage List since 1214. The panoramas, aromas, and tastes of these places will not leave anyone indifferent.


And here, in the Barolo zone, under the shadow of its impressive defender castle , a small, typical Piedmontese town of Serralunga D'Alba hid. -136bad5cf58d_ возвышающийся  над деревней  как настоящий, но среденевековый небоскреб, видел на своем веку немало войн и невзгод . Однако он прекрасно сохранился до наших дней.  Узкий и высокий, он  еще и взобрался на высоту 414 m above sea level.


The village of Serralunga appeared simultaneously with military citadel in the period 1340-1360. under the Marquises of Falletti.  Throughout the centuries, the castle served as a military fortification and protection from enemy attacks. This is a real impregnable fortress with several levels of protection. Since its construction, the castle has practically not changed its appearance and, despite frequent attacks, is a well-preserved example of a military structure of that time.

From the rooftop of the castle at bird's eye view, you will have a breathtaking panorama of the Langhe hills. From there you can also see the vineyards of Fontanafredda, one of the oldest and largest wine estates in the region. Именно туда мы отправимся на прогулку по виноградникам, а при желании - посетим винные погреба и производство с местным экспертом виноделия и продегустируем знаменитые Бароло и _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Nebbiolo, accompanied by  traditional Langhe cuisine.

A visit to the castle and the winery is carried out with a guide in Italian or English with translation of the attendant.


220 euros
for group 1 to 7 persons


6 hours from meeting point in Turin/Alessandria/Alba
(+1 hour train/auto from Milan/Genoa)

all year round

on foot, by car

Difficulty of the ROUTE:
about 1 km
without height difference



at the railway station
or by arrangement


car transfer,
ticket to the castle
including the guide
optional tasting,
personal expenses
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