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Chocolate Turin - sightseeing tour with tasting

Chocolate Turin - sightseeing tour with tasting of the famous drinks of Turin
Turin, Piemonte, Italia


“What are they talking about in the cafe this morning?” - King Charles Albert of Savoy asked to his advisors every day to keep abreast of the latest political developments. After all, part of the history of Italy and Europe was written in the legendary coffee houses of Turin. Count Camillo Cavour, Alexandre Dumas the Elder, Friedrich Nietzsche, Umberto Eco, Luigi Einaudi, Giacomo Puccini, Italo Calvino, and many other celebrities created pages of history and world culture over a cup of coffee, a glass of vermouth, snacking on cookies and chocolate. The establishments themselves often represent a valuable artistic heritage. Well-known artists and designers worked on their facades and interiors. Stucco molding, velvet sofas, antique mirrors, multi-tiered chandeliers, openwork staircases, and porcelain dishes are transferred to the era of the Sardinian Kingdom, the Risorgimento, and the Industrial Revolution.


The development and popularity of Turin cafes is closely related to the increased consumption of chocolate and coffee in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries. Turin rightfully disputes with Switzerland the primacy of the emergence of solid chocolate and is famous for chocolate factories with a long history and world recognition: Ferrero, Venki, Caffarel. This is an obligatory stop for locals and visitors to enjoy local confectionery masterpieces in a unique atmosphere of elegance and style.


During our 3-hour walk through the heart of the historical center, you will see the main sights of Turin, hear the fascinating history of the city, the region, and the Savoy dynasty. You will visit some of the oldest coffee establishments in Europe with a centuries-old history and pastry shops, which were the suppliers of the royal court. You will taste and learn the history of the famous traditional drink of Piedmont Bicherin. Or maybe you will feel  yourself close to the royal House of Savoy, having tasted a royal afternoon snack in aristocratic surroundings. Or  maybe imagine yourself a friend of the famous writer and composer over a glass of vermouth or zabaione. Warm up with hot chocolate in winter and cool down with delicious homemade ice cream in summer. And all this - without departing far from the main symbols of the city - Piazza San Carlo, Palazzo Carignano, Mole Antonelliana, Royal palace  and Palazzo Madama.

I will tell you why the famous Italian chocolate and nut sweets were called Gianduiotti, how Nutella appeared, what alpini, cremini, praline and cri-cri are; not only children are delighted.  You will take away with you the most delicious and fragrant experiences, as well as a suitcase full of Piedmontese sweets, gifts and delicacies.


Sightseeing walking tour without sightseeing inside (with the exception of some churches) with a visit to a cafe and tasting of Piedmontese sweets at will.

EUR 150/4 hours
for a group of 1 to 3 people

180 euros /4 hours
for a group of 4 to 8 people

4 hours 

all year round

  by foot 

Difficulty of the ROUTE:
 about 5 km
without elevation changes

(0-8 years free,
8-12 years - 50% discount)
Piazza San Carlo or by appointment

Optional - coffee, chocolate, becherin, royal afternoon tea,
personal expenses
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